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Join me on my journey to Learn Electronics, 

builD and Code Robots.

Still confused about how electronics work?

Yeah, me too...

Wish there was a simple explanation of electronics and robotic designs that was free and easy to understand?

That's a great idea!

Do you wish you could learn how to make your own 3D printed designs?

Yeah, that would be nice...

Do you wish you could tell people you built and coded your own electornic invention, VR game peripheral or robot vacuum?

That would be fantastic...

Before you keep scrolling and make sure to check out easy to understand electronics coding tutorials on Youtube and Odysee!


Strap yourselves in for the the best damn amateur electronics coding Journey on the planet.




Claim your territory in the Maker Marketplace

Industries build countries and communities across the world.

The last industrial revolution exploded with creative invention, improving every aspect of our lives in the way we eat, communicate, travel, play, etc.

The internet brought the possibility of reaching a global market from the comfort of your home.

A new revolution has arrived thanks to automated machines including 3D printers, CNC routers, vinyl cutters, laser engravers etc are now affordable and easy to use.

People are creating new wealth selling their designs and working with what they are most passionate about.

Don't waste another minute!

Jump in to the wild ride of learning electronics so that you can build your machines and robots today.

Invent something that will turn heads...and necks. Both should turn together or there's going to be a problem...

Learn the complicated world of electronic components, sensors and how to code them in the language that forms the basis of most modern programming languages, C and get access to free tutorials, info, videos and 3D printing STL files for electronic and robot builds on this site.


We are Coded to Create

Humans are genetically coded to create things.

When we are not creative, the world feels dull and we feel a lack of excitement.

Our desire to make things is the driving source of our life's dreams and accomplishments.

Our sense of accomplishment comes from adapting to challenges.

Each challenge prepares us for the next as they increase in difficulty, this is why we all enjoy video games so much today.


Life is a macro game full of micro games.

Jump in to the game of electronics through the robotics and electronics blog!

Robotics Blog

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Are you a BookWorm?
Do You Prefer Good Ol'e Fashioned Study of Print Materials like me?
Do you need a thorough illustrated explanation of electronic components? Check out these popular books!

 Books for Reference

 Program Arduino's ATMEGA Chips in C Language

My Current Maker Workflow

Ideas and Design Concepts

Gradient Arrow_edited.png

Good ole Paper and Pencil.
Easier to focus, more fun.

3d Print Design

Gradient Arrow_edited.png

FreeCAD is GREAT for 3d Modeling Beginners

3D Printing

Ultimaker Cura with my Creality CR-10 V3 Printer

Gradient Arrow_edited.png

Coding Electronics

Gradient Arrow_edited.png

Old School Programmer's Notepad and C Language

It's simple, light and doesn't take 10 min to boot up like Visual Studio

The $2 8 bit microcontroller chip found on the Arduino but programmed in the C language so I can focus and understand what I am doing!

Gradient Arrow_edited.png
Gradient Arrow_edited.png

The $4 Raspberry Pico is my Step into Object Oriented Programming with Micropython!

The Raspberry Pi Zero W is my dream OOP platform. I am working up to this level. This thing is a POWERHOUSE and has an incredible community of info and help.

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