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AA Battery Case for Electronics Projects

AA Battery Case for Electronics Projects


Print this quick and easy to assemble/disassemble AA battery pack for your electronics projects (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.)


Slip 1 paperclip through the bottom slot.
Insert 2 batteries into the printed case: one positive side up, one negative side up.
Slip remaining 2 paperclips through top slots and connect to your project for ~3(+) volts, perfect for a small project or device!


Lid is optional


Materials Needed:
3 x medium sized paperclips
2 x AA batteries



Printed on Elegoo Neptune 3 (stock) with following 3D Printer settings:


Layer Height: 0.3
Line Width: 0.4
Wall Thickness: 1.2
Wall Count: 3
Infill: 15%
Infill Line Distance: 5.3333
Printing Temp: 205°C
Print Speed: 50mm/s
Supports: Yes (Optional)
Build Adhesion: Skirt/None


*Individual results may vary. Adjust settings as needed, 3D printing is an experimental and evolving hobby. Consult your printer manufacturer, slicer software provider and the endless tutorials and videos on the internet for help if needed.


**This is a digital file, All digital product sales are FINAL and no returns/exchanges/refunds are accepted on digital files.


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