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Cute Ghost Candy Tray for Halloween

Cute Ghost Candy Tray for Halloween

$2.50 일반가

Add this cute and spooky candy tray to your desk or living room table this Halloween!


Featuring flat bottom feet for a sturdy base and ghostly ripples to hold your favorite chocolates your candy won't be going anywhere soon unless you have a terrifying sweet tooth.


Scale up or down to fit any bed size!


Use tree/organic supports for best results and easiest removal!


*Successfully printed on a factory stock Elegoo Neptune 3 and Creality CR-10 V3 in both gray and white PLA under similar settings:

Nozzle temp: 215-220°C
Layer height: 0.2-0.25
Wall thickness: 0.8-1mm
Bottom thickness: 0.85-1mm
Infill density: 12%
Infill: Gyroid
Top/Bottom thickness: 2mm
Print speed: 50-70mm/s
Initial layer speed: 10mm/s
Supports: Tree
    Overhang: 45­°
    Pattern: Lines
Adhesion: None

Print time: CR-10 size bed at 60-70mm/s took about 2.5 days while 1.5 days on Neptune 3 bed size

*Adjust settings as needed!


For Individual Private Use ONLY, no resale or redistribution allowed!
Copyright © 2023, Printscape LLC, DBA Kimchi Robotics. All Rights Reserved.

By purchasing this .stl file you acknowledge that you are responsible for providing a printer of the quality of your own choosing as well as the printing materials to safely and responsibly print these models for personal use.

These .stl files may be updated at a future date without notification if a need arises

You MAY NOT reproduce these models digitally or physically for resale!

These models MAY NOT be altered in a way that would take credit away from the original creator Kimchi Robotics.

If you have any further questions please contact via the website where the order was placed.


Printscape LLC is not responsible for any damage or injury caused when using these printable .stl files either digitally or the physical prints.

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