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Cyberpunk Halloween Skull

Cyberpunk Halloween Skull

$2.50 일반가

Is it scary or is it cute?

When you get too much chrome installed living in Night City, you might just end up looking like this Choom on Halloween someday.

Staring at it you can almost feel something...ominous, like an echo of a life from 100 years in the future.

Wonder what that right eye implant was forced to scan 24/7 on that display...

Start small and scale up! Would love to see how big or how small you can get it to print and what paint scheme you come up with!

No stand required, balances on its own.

*Printed in Silver PLA


Printed on Elegoo Neptune 3 in silk silver PLA with following settings:

Layer height: .2mm
Nozzle: 220°C
Infill Density: 15%
Print Speed: 70mm/s
Initial Layer Speed: 10mm/s
Infill: Gyroid
Wall Thickness: 2mm
Top/Bottom Thickness: 2mm
Supports: Tree
Support angle: 40°
Adhesion: Skirt

*Optional settings
Draft Shield: Enabled
Shield distance: 10mm
Shield height: limited to 10mm

Adjust settings to your printer and friendly reminder to fine tune your z-settings even after leveling for best results.


+++ Print time and quality may vary depending upon your printer brand/type/materials and experience.

+++ Sometimes prints fail in ways we don't expect, have patience and adjust settings accordingly and always make sure the bed is level.

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Have a nice day Choom!


Copyright © 2022, Printscape LLC DBA Kimchi Robotics. All Rights Reserved.



By purchasing this .stl pack you acknowledge that you are responsible for providing a printer of the quality of your own choosing as well as the printing materials to safely and responsibly print these models for personal use only.
Buyer assumes all responsibility for proper slicing of files to print.

These .stl files may be updated at a future date without notification if a need arises.


All Digital Sales Final

No Returns or Exchanges Accepted


You MAY NOT reproduce these models digitally or physically for resale!
These models MAY NOT be altered in a way that would take credit away from the original creator Kimchi Robotics.

For inquiries, please contact via the website/app where the order was originally placed.


Printscape LLC is not responsible for any damage or injury caused when using these printable .stl files either digitally or by the physical prints.


Happy printing and Happy Halloween!

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