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Oculus Quest 2 VR Controller Holster [BONUS INCLUDED]

Oculus Quest 2 VR Controller Holster [BONUS INCLUDED]

SKU: 00100002
$24.99 일반가

BLAST your way through opponents in the Metaverse and give your arms a rest with these custom designed 3D printable holsters custom fit to the Oculus Quest 2/Metaquest VR controllers!!!!

This pack contains BOTH the Left and Right 3D PRINTED holsters with accompanying retention clips.

These holsters have "ADJUSTABLE CANT" design which help provide the most comfortable angle for each user. Simply loosen the bolt and rotate to the next incremented position, aligning the beveled gear teeth from the holster to match the negative space on the retention clip, making sure the two pieces are flush together and tighten the bolt again.

Simply open up your favorite 3d printing slicer app and print these from the comfort of your living room to give you a competitive edge while gaming and a place to put your controllers when taking a standing break instead of letting them dangle and bump into other surfaces!

Pop some chips and swish some cola while your controllers stay secure for later.

Maybe even help your mom out and throw out the trash or do the dishes, controllers always at the ready!

Each holster and retention clip have an interlocking bevel gear design that allow for a snug and secure fit adjustable to a canted angle that is most comfortable to you!


Each holster contains a M6-1.0 x 16mm Flat Head Hex Socket Cap Screw Bolt to connect the Holsters to the Retention clips.
Small imperfections/webbing is normal and an effect of the ever evolving 3D printing process.
Each holster is inspected and tested for structural integrity and appearance before put in the box.

2 x Randomly Selected Custom Designed VR Themed Stickers
1 x Extra Retention Clip

See you in the Metaverse!

Not associated with OCULUS, META, FACEBOOK or any VR/gaming company.
Printscape LLC and Kimchi Robotics are not responsible for any damage or injury caused when using these holsters.
Printscape LLC and Kimchi Robotics are not responsible for any scuffs, scrapes, wear and tear or damage caused to controllers.

By purchasing this holster pack you acknowledge that you are responsible for providing a place to safely and responsibly use these holsters for personal use.

These holster designs may be updated at a future date without notification if a need arises.

You MAY NOT reproduce these models digitally or physically for resale.

These holsters MAY NOT be altered in a way that would take credit away from the original creator Kimchi Robotics or Printscape LLC.

If you have any further questions please contact via the site where the order was originally placed.

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